Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Red Light Spells Danger - and a Northern Soul classic!

So thanks to the very splendid radio station Absolute 80's - I've won tickets to see Billy Ocean in London.

Being an 80's child - I'm most familiar with his work from that decade (If the Going Gets Tough, Get Outta My Dreams...etc) but his best work for me is in the 70's - including the Northern Soul stomper - Red Light Spells Danger.

A recentish interview with Ocean stuck in my mind, as he recognises he is blessed to be able to work as a professional musician, and how fragile this career can be, with work plentiful one minute and an empty diary the next.

His diary doesn't look like being empty any time soon - his track 'Love Really Hurts without You' is still making it on to blockbuster soundtracks.

I have high hopes for this gig - I shall report back at the weekend.

In the meantime.... here's a reminder of that fantastic song.

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