Friday, 2 August 2013

One week til Boomtown!

It's a week til the biggest UK ska festival - Boomtown Fair :)

The perfect festival for fans of Ska, Ska-punk, Dub & Reggae, Boomtown has been getting quite a reputation, turning up on Festival recommendation lists on various newspapers and music blogs. It's the perfect environment for people who just want to dance like a mad thing with their head in a bass bin.

I'll be performing with Popes of Chillitown on the Main Stage.....

MAIN FRICKING STAGE - sorry, thats not quite sunk in yet........

Anyhoo. Main Stage on the Friday, at midday. This is the slot that Toots would have been playing if some twat hadn't lobbed a bottle at him earlier in the year. Very chuffed to have been bumped up to the main stage by the Boomtown peeps, much appreciated.

Also looking forward to checking out some great bands - some I've seen umpteen times like Babyhead & Bad Manners, The Skints & The Selector, and some more recent discoveries - like Only Joe who I saw at Glasto for the first time this summer.

Here are some recommendations for this years Boomtown Fair viewing! Enjoy :)