Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Voodoo Trombone Quartet Xmas Party 2011

This Saturday!!

The infamous VTQ Xmas Do has a new home, The Trafalgar Arms in Tooting. This year as well as two sets of our regular songs and some cheeky Christmas covers, they will also be traditional carols around the fireplace, accompanied by the VTQ Brass.

Well, as traditional as the VTQ ever get, anyway.

So say Balls! to X-factor and come out to where the real music is. The gig is free entry and the music is over by 11 for all of you running for the last tube, so there really is no excuse. Would you really rather be at your works Xmas Do with that berk from accounts?

No. Didn't think so.
Here's more details on the venue. See you at 8pm!

Laters x