Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Hallowe'en!

A few years ago Hallowe'en was my busiest gigging time of the year, when I played with a Horrorbilly Showband called The Texas Chainsaw Orchestra.

An epic 13 piece outfit, Mexican Day of the Dead Brass, corpse bride singers, an undead accordion player, a voodoo drummer, an indestructible double bassist, keyboardist who could summon the end of the world, a guitarist with skills so sick you'd think he was at the crossroads with Robert Johnson and the guy in charge, our lead singer with a mic stand forged by the breath of the Morning Star himself.

As you can imagine, it's quite a unit to mobilise when it comes to gigging, but the show was always amazing. Thanks to our honorary 14th member, Lorenzo, we really looked the part with some truly gruesome make-up. Sometimes I do actually miss getting home from a gig at 4am and then having to stay up another hour getting all the black makeup off.

So when it's Hallowe'en, I remember these guys and the fun times we had. Here we are in action.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

One for the Glasto 2013 wishlist...

Hey Sholay.

Engaging performance, great music, lots of twiddling effect stuff without being too wanky about it. 

Perfect for the John Peel Stage.

Their name's a bit Wombley too, and I do enjoy a Wombling Glasto.

Check them out below:

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Glasto 2013

A week ago, after a difficult gig with a broken hand and precious little sleep following a minor plumbing incident, I found myself sat at this computer doing the old F5 mambo.

That's right - Glasto ticket buying time.

Every year I get so stressed with it, moan about what a headache it is trying to get through, having a zillion screens open, running an spare laptop on a different browser (just in case) and hoping and praying I get my tickets now and don't have to go through all of this again in April.

I was lucky. I got my two tickets with 6 minutes to spare, after over an hour 'n' half of exhausted refreshing and crashing input screens. Seetickets are just not up to the job, I really don't know why Glasto persist with them.

My heart goes out to all who desperately wanted tickets, and didn't manage to get them. I'll cross my fingers for you for April.

Here are my ideal headliners. Yes, Kylie is on the list. What of it?

I'll be mostly more Glastonbury 2013 wishlists in the coming months.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Good News / Bad News

Good News!

The 2nd Cambridge Wind Band concert was a near full house once again. Thank you to everyone who attended, we got a lot of good feedback from you all.

Our Christmas concert will be on 8th December 2012. Please keep an eye on for more details.

Bad News!

I've broken my hand. No playing for a month.

I've had to dep my ska work for the next few weeks, hoping to pick up again at the end of October.

Good News!

I can play a rather challenging programme of wind band music with two fingers taped together. You can play a low Bb on a bari with your knee...oh yes.

Bad News!

X-factor is back. Please, please, please... don't encourage them. Ignore it, and go out to a gig on a Saturday night, support your local music scene. Thats where the real musical talent is.

Good News!

Recordings of the Cambridge Wind Band concert to come soon...