Thursday, 5 December 2013

Solid Silver - the broadest beats in London are 25 years old

This Friday marks the 25th Anniversary of the DJ collective 'Solid Steel'

The best mixers and mixtapes you will ever hear, I first came across them in 2007 - when Pat VTQ played a CD of theirs called 'Now, Listen' on the way home from a band rehearsal. 

I remember quite clearly the moment I fell in love with Solid Steel. We were driving up Old Street, from Acton to Bethnall Green, around 1.15am, when a familar theme began to sneak in underneath some fairly heavy beats. I recognised it - and thought 'Nooooo - they wouldn't' - then the full theme began, and I realised 'They did'.

It was the amazing tone-row based soundtrack to the original 'Taking of Pelham 123'.

Pelham 123.

On a Dance CD?

I squealed slightly, then regained my composure and carried on driving. I lost said composure a few minutes later when a D&B mix of 'Mirror in the Bathroom' dropped in. 

That was it. I was hooked. 

Hundreds of radio shows, filthy beats, and moments of 'I can't believe they just mixed that...with that' later - and it's the 25th anniversary club night. Solid Steel DJ's and all the best from the house of Ninja Tune will be present, I just hope my slightly older bones will be able to keep up. 

Thank you,  Solid Steel, for furthering my musical education and giving me some of the best nights out of my life. And yes, I do like it when the bass comes in. 

Here's to the next 25...