Thursday, 9 August 2012

Interview for Sine FM

My interview with Jon Kelly from Orange Flavoured Pipe Machine for Sine FM is now available to listen online here.

The VTQ album 'Dress Down Friday' was Album of the Week, and tracks from it feature throughout the show. My interview is in part 2 of the Listen Again, and as well as chatting about the VTQ, Jon and I also put the world to rights on Ska Fans, The Beat and just how amazing The Lovely Eggs are.

Listen again here. Then listen every week because Jon's selection of tracks is pretty bloody awesome.


Recording with The Burning Aces

Here are some pictures from the recording session with The Burning Aces this week.

We spent 2 days down the rabbit hole at a studio in Headingley, recording new songs for the Aces website and our booking agents. In a first for me, we were recording as a live band, and in another first, we were recording on to tape. The studio was full of tape recording machines and all kinds of equipment I'd only seen in books on Motown.

Being one of the Logic 'Cut & Paste' generation, it was a real challenge for me, holding concentration like that for live recording. The recordings do have a real energy that you don't get with the clinical precision of digital recording, and I can't wait to hear the results.

Mitch, Sion, Gord, Lee, Tris, Tilo. Splendid bunch and a splendid job all round. I'll put up some clips when the mixes start coming through. In the meantime if you are interested in booking The Burning Aces for weddings/functions/generic knees-ups then please email