Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Bit late, I know :)

I hope you all had a great festive time and are now staring down the new year, ready for anything it may throw at you.

2013 promises to be full of ska, with bookings for Big 10, Ska Wars & UK Ska Club already piling in.

2013 is the year that Popes of Chillitown debut album will be released. Be ready for 'A Word to the Wise'

2013 is another single from Voodoo Trombone Quartet 'Dress Down Friday'

2013 is Glasto Year!!!

2013 is a new year of teaching students everything from Ave Maria to Zoot Suit Riot.

I'll be updating my gigs page in the next few days, and also posting more info on the new Popes of Chillitown order, and how you can help to get it released.

And of course you can always find me on twitter @saxylizbeth

In the meantime, sit back and let the Monday of the year just breeze by. Listen to some of this - it will help :)

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