Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Word to the Wise

As regular readers of my blog will know, I used to be a member of London Ska Punk dubbers Popes of Chillitown. From the mid noughties to 2011 I honked and squealed, skanked and drank  with these wonderful people, and now the debut album from PoC is here.


The mixing and mastering are done, but the final copy & distribution is being put together through Pledge Music.

Pledge Music is where the fans help the band they love to produce the album they're longing to here. In return 'pledgees' get access to exclusive mixes and videos.

The PoC album is nearly there - but needs a little more help. If you ever came, saw and skanked with me and the Popes, do give a little. It will help a lot, and finally make 'A Word to the Wise' a reality.

Here's the Muppets with more information.

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