Monday, 22 July 2013

Summertime is back in town, Time to get your Scooter out.

And the scooters have been out. Everywhere in fact.

I've played 3 scooter rallies in the past week, up in Northwich at the Mid Cheshire Charity Scooter Rally, locally in Haverhill for Haverhill Scooter Club Scootermania and in North London for Sunday Best - Scooter Fest

Northwich was a great run, where I managed to purchase the most gorgeous pair of Dr Martens - beautiful non patent Sunshine yellow, from Boots & Camo - before playing a huge set with Ska Wars, 5 encores!

I've added some footage of this gig on my video page 

Then came Big 10 at Haverhill - where the boots made their debut at a gig. This was a hot one - but absolutely packed. We all battled through the heat and played a blinder.

Saving the best til last - Sunday Best. A glorious sunny day at Capel Manor in Enfield, scooters & boots all brightly polished, with some great vintage clothes stands and best of all - Meerkats!

Big 10, Ska & Meerkats. What else do you need?

Here are some pics from Sunday Best (and a wobbly video I took when Big 10 had a brass free moment) - really hope we see you next year!

Keeping the faith


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