Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sorry sorry sorry....

I've just noticed it's been 3 months since I blogged - and such a lot has happened. So many gigs, such a lot of ska, and a sad farewell.

Lets get the sad bit out of the way first. I was called up as Emergency Pope with Popes of Chillitown in May to celebrate Ginglik's 11th Birthday Party. Ginglik as you know is one of the best venues in London, certainly the best in West London. A basement club built in an old public toilet, I've played some great gigs there with PoC, VTQ and Ruth Theodore.

I'm sad to say though, that Ginglik is no more. The club was sold and dropped it's last beats on 15th June, and I shall miss it terribly. Here's PoC first video, shot in that wonderful club a few years back.

Anyhoo...on to happier things.

This month I joined the very small club of 'Ska Birds Who've Performed on stage with Bad Manners'

An honour, a privilege and a workout - is how I can best describe the experience. I know a lot of the Bad Manners set from work with Big 10 & Ska Wars, and it was a great buzz with lots of energy from the band and the crowd. I know as a girl I was probably a last resort - but I'm quite sure I impressed the man himself - fingers crossed for another booking.

Here are some pics from the gig at Clapham Grand - in my PoC tshirt!

I promise I'll update more from now on. Mostly ska, ska, sax and ska. I've got some thoughts on the imminent Glastonbury Festival - I'll post before I'll leave for Pilton next Tuesday.

Skank on.


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