Friday, 8 March 2013

Once more, with feeling.

No. Not the god-awful Buffy episode...

The bloody awesome Popes of Chillitown.

The album is done. It exists out there on the web and in physical copies, CD's that you can get your lovely hands on. Positive reviews abound, so I guess it's about time for an album launch.

The PoC launch for the debut album 'A Word to the Wise' will be at the Popes spiritual home, Ginglik, in Shepherds Bush on April 13th. I'll be sharing the stage with the guys one last time, as although it's been over a year since I left the band I recorded a large chunk of the sax work on the album, and will be very proud to play these songs one more time.

So, to recap...
13th April.
9pm onwards.
Fancy Dress tbc (yes, things are never straightforward at a PoC party)

Keep an eye on here and the Popes facebook group for fancy dress inspiration and support act news.
In the meantime, you can download the album from here (warning, contains naughty words)

See you down the front, for the last Dalk?


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