Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Glasto Wishlist - Part 3

Next on my Glasto Wishlist are everyones favourite Lancastrians, The Lovely Eggs.

Championed by Chris Hawkins of BBC 6 Music, their music first came to my attention early last year, and since then I've bought their albums and seen them live. 

The songs are original, witty, bonkers, and open for scientific debate. Yes, the Universe is in the stars. Cambridge said yes, Oxford said no. Well, what do they know...?

With all songs recorded on guitars/ukes & drums, this paired down sound would be ideal for the John Peel stage. Delightful songs sung with the flattest of A's.

The Lovely Eggs third album 'Wildlife' is due out next week and the tour begins soon after. Check out their first single from said album.


*warning - don't actually eat food whilst watching food. You may upchunk your food*

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