Thursday, 12 April 2012

Best Gig Ever!

And it's not even happened yet. It will be tomorrow.
I haven't developed psychic powers, but I know that two of the best ska bands I've ever seen will be appearing on the same bill tomorrow night at the O2 in Islington.

The Slackers - New York ska with a hint of old school Rock 'n' Roll. Amazing brass, amazing songs, and a curiously engaging keys front man.

Here they are with 'I'll Stay Away'

Supporting them are the New Town Kings, from much closer to home...Essex. These guys have been with Big 10 on the bill at The Junction recently, supporting touring ska revivalists The Beat and The Selector. Picking up fans wherever they gig, NTK have very strong songs that you simply have to dance to. You don't get a choice, those beats mean not skanking is not an option.

Here they are with 'Dynamite' from their latest album 'M.O.J.O'

There are still tickets available so don't miss this chance to dance.


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