Friday, 9 March 2012

A sad farewell... the Little Red Tardis.

My car, a little City Rover run-around, has been retired as it is now too expensive for me to maintain. It became known as the Little Red Tardis because I managed to fit drumkit, backline, saxes and band members into a small vehicle designed for nipping to the shops.

A veteran of 3 Glasto's, 2 Chagstocks, a national tour with Popes of Chillitown, countless trips to Survival Studio in West London, a mercy dash to the Lake District with the Truebeat merchandise tub, and a 90mph burn down the M20 to a wedding gig in Kent. 99% of the time, I arrived at my gigs/rehearsals on time, because of the Little Red Tardis.

It was not your fault, little car, that you were made in India under the Rover brand, just as they went bust. It is not your fault that replacement parts cost an arm and a leg to ship over (scrapyard did well..but you can't have a 2nd hand timing belt). It is not your fault, little car, that the government placed you in a stupid tax bracket, meaning you cost twice as much as cars twice your size. But as cute as you are, you are a money pit.

Ok, so we always broke down after Glasto cos the damp and mud ruined your spark plugs, and your speakers just couldn't handle dub. But you were a faithful servant to The Voodoo Trombone Quartet, Popes of Chillitown, The Scissors, Jacqui & Geoff and lots of others, and I will miss you.

Goodbye, my little car, and thank you.


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