Sunday, 17 April 2011


Good lord. I don't think I've ever jumped through as many hoops as I have to get hold of tickets for Glastonbury 2011. I've performed at the festival 2007-2009 so buying tickets is a new experience for me. The registration. The seetickets information deemed so important yet indistinguishable from spam. And then the resales! But this morning, I'm happy to say, I'm a lot poorer, and I will be pootling down the A303 to Shepton Mallet in 65ish days.

I'm not fussed about the headliners. U2? Coldplague? Bouncy Knowles? Meh.

Primal Scream, Jimmy Cliff, BB King, DJ Shadow (squeeee) Suzanne Vega, DJ Shadow (squeeeee), The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, oh, and did I mention DJ Shadow?

This is why we go to Glasto.

To see the artists we probably won't get to see anywhere else, and the artists we've never heard of but have a ruddy good time listening and dancing to anyway. I'm especially intrigued by the Guillemots acoustic set. I saw them on the World Stage in 2007 and they were amazing.

I'm desperately sorry for those who haven't got tickets. Its not a perfect system by any means and leaves many people disappointed. The same criticisms come round each year, and nothing is ever done. Maybe after next years year off, they may have a better way.


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