Sunday, 27 March 2011

Myspace - Byespace!

So an article on the BBC this weekend stated that Myspace has lost over 10 million users in the space of a few weeks earlier this year. This, you have to admit, is quite an achievement. So why? Why have so many people (including me) decided to abandon what was once our main outlet for muso connections, gig-getting and publicity?

We all loved Myspace. We could upload our music without having to have any html knowledge or web building info. We could tell the world about our gigs (especially important when you're not gigging in your own backyard) and we could hope that Myspace could give us the rise to fame like Lily Allen. How do you spell nepotism again?

But no, in the last few revamps, they've taken the power back. The pages are drowning in ads, making the pages load slower and slower on the fastest of machines. All the hard work building our profiles is disabled and deleted by them in one single upgrade. That was a massive f*** you to all its users. So guess what. F*** you back Myspace, you're not the only option anymore.

Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, and of course Twitter and Facebook are the weapons of choice now. And I think we're better for it. If I had the patience I'd set up a slate page on myspace, pointing everyone to my website here, but I as I don't really like tearing my hair out, I'll pass.

So long, myspace! Hope you make a huge loss for Mr Dur-doch.

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