Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year, New Gigs

So 2011 is nearly here, hope you're all having a reasonable Christmas.

I've put up the gigs I'll be playing over the next few months, in such far flung places as Madrid and Hounslow. I'm looking forward to a busy year with VTQ and PoC, but also to getting out there and doing more playing for myself. I've spent so much time focussing on my role in bands, I've almost forgotten what it's like to be just Liz Mitchell - Saxophonist.

So I'm pushing for the freelance as well as the band stuff now, and seeing what turns up. Any studios in Cambridge and London looking for a session player, I'm your horn! Steady now...

Best wishes to you all who read this gig commentary from it seems many corners of the world. Googlestats is marvellous thing.

Have a wonderful new year. Stay safe.
Saxylizbeth x

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