Sunday, 24 October 2010

3 days, 3 gigs!

Well what a few days its been!

First off was the Voodoo Trombone Quartet at Breakthrough Bands Night, The Portland Arms, Cambridge. We stayed with the same set we played for The Amazing Meeting crowd, and it was equally well received. The Cambo gig goers are not as bouncy as the London ones, but from the feedback afterwards (words like 'Awesome', 'Blown Away') we definitely left there with a few new friends. As soon as the total amount raised for Breakthrough is confirmed, I'll post that up. I should have some pics soon too!

Then came the Popes of Chillitown back to back 'Gigs in places beginning with K'. Friday night was Kettering, at Sawyers. This venue is truly the Cistine Chapel of UK punk venues and always has a good crowd up for a good time. We were opening for Mouthwash and The Skints, and a great time doing so. Quite thankful for the crash barrier at the front of the stage though.

October is Oxjam season, and PoC have been involved with Oxjam numerous times over the years. We were playing with some awesome bands at Knights Bar in Kingston, and again, raising lots of money.
Pics for this one will be up shortly.

Stay tuned for news of the Voodoo Trombone Quartets Christmas party!

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